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We are living in an increasingly digital world where you get nothing but data and information. In a survey, they revealed that there was a tremendous increase in using the internet in March 2019 and March 2020 because of the pandemic. Because of this, SEO services in India have become crucial for many businesses.

The pandemic restricted us to our homes, and this led us to consume an enormous amount of data more than ever. In 2019, the average Indian used 11 GB per month, which saw a 47% increase from the last year.

This means marketers have a tremendous opportunity to market their products at a very cheap price. There are millions of people out there on the internet who can be your potential customers. 

I am sure that this pandemic has only boosted the number of people using the internet because of a lockdown of over 7 billion people on the planet. This is a tremendous opportunity to not only boost your sales but also to enhance the brand identity of your product.

Does This Mean You Will See an Inflated Number of Sales?

To be honest — No! Not really!

The increased number of users doesn’t translate into an increased number of sales. There are millions of users there, and not everyone is looking for your product. To tell the truth, they are not even interested in your product.

Why would someone want to buy your product when he already has one? Why would someone want to purchase your product when his product is already satisfying his needs? Yes, there are different people, different tastes, unique characteristics, and different expectations. It is difficult to satisfy everyone.

To fulfill everyone’s requirements, you must have a strategy to follow and execute it to see the results. Therefore, this is what I am going to explain in this article. 

In this article, I prefer to talk about the impacts of digital technologies on information dissemination, persuasion, and branding.

Let’s discuss one by one:

Impact of Digital Technology on Information Dissemination

Regardless of the content, format, and platform, digital communication serves three purposes: dissemination, persuasion, and branding.

The purpose of dissemination is to let the buyers know what services you are offering and at what prices. It is also important that you give some information about your product to the buyer. 

The dissemination should be like a laser-like focus. You should disseminate it to the people who are your target audience. The data from your target audience will be accessible once they visit your website, and later on, you can send them your advertisements on most social media and Google platforms.

With the latest technology, it is very easy to access the details of your target audience, unlike in the past where you were advertising your product to a wide range of people who were not your target audience.

With niche-related advertisements, the effectiveness of the advertisement will explode. Contrary to the mass media advertisement, the cost of digital marketing is rather reasonable.

Disseminate your content, which seems interactive to the user. Interactive content can go a long way when you want to make your content viral. Did you ever realize why some people at apparel shops or jewelry shops have such a knack for selling products?

It is because they are interactive and informative, which makes them look trustworthy. Make your content interactive and informative at the same time.

Impact of Digital Technology on Persuasion

Okay, we learned how to disseminate the data, but that is not enough to propel the customer to persuasion. In today’s time, the users’ attention span is very low. With an increased amount of information on the internet, it will become even harder to grab the attention of the user.

The greatest advantage of digital marketing is that you can use all the features of mass media. For instance, you can only use images and text in newspapers. On the radio, you can only use audio content. 

TV has audio and video features to promote your product, but on the internet, you can use all of them with great content. Also, the time and space for the other mass media are very limited and expensive.

If that is one issue, the other issue is that you cannot reveal everything about your product in just a few seconds on TV, radio, and newspaper, which makes our advertisement even more suspicious to the customer.

Hence, by using the features of all these mass media communications, we can create a brilliant and fantastic advertisement that can blow the minds of users.

Believe it or not, the digital advertisement makes an enormous impact on the user, if you do it correctly with awesome interactive elements.

If that is one thing, if you want to promote your product through a brand ambassador on TV, radio, or even newspaper — it becomes a costly matter for their massive remuneration.

Above all, celebrities are not experts in particular products, so it is quite hard for people to believe your product is genuine and authentic. With digital marketing, you have so many influencers on social media platforms who are available at much cheaper prices than your normal celebrity. Plus, if they are an expert in your product, it is very easy to make customers believe your product.

With these influencers, you can easily persuade people to buy your product.

Impact of Digital Technology on Branding

Branding is an interesting topic altogether. This single aspect has a big impact on people, and this can be positive and negative. It all depends on how you use your brand.

The first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about brands is Apple. In 2020, the brand value of Apple is $352.21 billion. Apple started in 2006 at a $15.98 billion brand value. You can notice how fast it has grown over the years.

Even today, only Amazon is ahead of Apple in brand value. So, what do you need to get a brand name for your product?

To create a brand, it could be anything right from a set of unique words, slogans, mottos, images, logos, people, quality, identity, innovation, etc. For instance, people resonate with Apple with quality and identity. 

The quality of Apple is probably second to none in usage, duration, and features. Also, when you see the number of Apple users in the world, they are very few. It is because Apple is unique from regular companies.

The identity of Apple is different so that people who want to be different will buy Apple rather than any other normal brand, even if the cost is so high. People can relate to the product on a personal level. It makes them feel like they are different. 

When you have that connection, it is so simple to sell your products without a huge marketing budget. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to allot money for a marketing budget.

Speaking of budget, Tesla doesn’t spend a single penny on marketing. Ever wondered why? Because the CEO of Tesla cars is Elon Musk, who is a brand himself. Elon Musk is a synonym for futuristic and innovative. Those two characteristics are probably the most important features to call Elon Musk a brand.

However, he faced the wrath of social media because of one silly mistake on May 1, 2020. Watch the following tweet by Elon Musk:


Source: Twitter

Because of the above tweet, Tesla’s stock price was down by 11% from $755 to $693. There will be different people on social media; Some people like it and some people don’t like the above tweet. Social media is a double-edged sword, and you have to be careful with it when you are using it.

In summary, those are the three important factors you need to keep in mind while you are trying to create a brand for the product. If you think that all this work takes a lot of time, effort, and energy, then you can always get the help of SEO company services in India.

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