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Infiniticube offers a wide range of social media software development services that span both customer-facing solutions and those for internal communication.Social media has become a critical aspect of ‘staying in touch’ for us. We think social media apps are the future of communication and collaboration.This is why we offer social media app development services across leading verticals to help you empower employees and customers with a tool for successful interaction.

What Happens With Loose Communication Channels

When there are not enough, or good communication platforms for employees, they collaborate less. We believe that teams are getting more and more involved with each other as organizations evolve. Therefore, to leverage inter-departmental collaboration and interaction, you need social media apps that can engage! When there is no channel for effective interaction with the customer, they tend to feel left out and insecure. Make them a part of your team with social media apps and software.

Why Infiniticube

Our specialties in social media software and app development services lie in our:

  • We have experience+expertise to deliver industry-leading social media apps.
  • Our social media app development services are sought-after by leading orgs.
  • We keep our customers satisfied throughout the process.
  • Our goal is to help achieve yours.
  • We know how social media interactions can be steered for organizational good.
  • We have a strong know-how of imposing access regulations and security provisions.
  • We are available 24/7 post the deployment of your app.
  • We deliver social media apps in time within budgets.

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Our Social Media App Development Services Include

  • Social media integration into existing enterprise apps.
  • Social media analytics.
  • Scheduling social media posts.
  • Building a network of friends or followers.
  • Integrations with search engines or location APIs
  • Simple logic and intuitive capabilities built into high-load social apps.
  • Suggesting the favorable business model to you that fits your needs.

We employ the cutting-edge, latest technologies such as React.js, PhoneGap, and Node.js to build your future-proof social media web or mobile app.

We Build Social Media Apps And Offer Custom Development Services

Reach out to us for:

  • Working on your social media expansion strategy.
  • Compelling UI/UX social media designs.
  • High-load social media apps with comprehensive features.
  • Getting social media apps custom developed
  • Creating extensions for social networks.
  • Building social media chatbots.
  • Integrating search engine APIs with any of your existing app.

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