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AI Enabled Intelligent Social Analytics SaaS Software

Qaptum’s Social Listening Platform uses NLP to intelligently extract insights such as intent of language, topics, sentiment , emotion and deploy dynamic dashboards to analyze the consumers’ interaction with brands

A convenient app for shoppers

BeMyShopper app helps shoppers to buy products from various partnered stores and successfully delivered to customers

Beema Market
A cloud native insurance aggregator platform

BeemaMarket’s cloud native web and mobile app helps customers to search, compare and buy insurance policies seamlessly. It also helps users to expedite their claim process.

Pay Pulse
A payment app to pay anyone, for anything, at any time.

Pay Pulse is a product of Standard Bank of South Africa. Users can use this app to link bank cards, send money, pay utility bills and pay at merchants via scanning a QR code

For What It’s Worth (FWIW)
Weekly Newsletter Platform For Investors

FWIW helps investors to keep them up to date via their insightful resources, news and trends that helps investors to reach their goals.

IPTV Based streaming platform

Users can watch various live TVs across the globe along with latest movies and other entertainment content with a minimal subscription fee.

A Neo Banking App that supports both Fiat and Crypto

Ozank is a Neo Banking platform that comes with a marketplace with various services where users can transact using both fiat and crypto currencies.

Scout About
Helps to find nearby restaurants, pubs and clubs

Scout About helps users to find nearby restaurants, pubs and clubs with a defined radius as well as they can see real time crowds via the live CCTV streams.

Grad Career Festival
A platform that helps students with career related events

Grad Career Festival helps university students and graduates to gain knowledge on Job Search, Career Management, Post-grad life and soft skills. Students can attend various events, streamed by industry experts.

After Party
A social media app for event and party lovers

After Party helps users to search all upcoming events and parties in their cities. Event attendees can connect with each other prior to the event in a tinder like format.

Office Space Direct
Search and book affordable coworking spaces

Office Space Direct helps remote workers, solopreneurs, and start-ups to find affordable coworking spaces

M-Tech NFC Card App
NFC Debit Card Reader App

This prototype app reads NFC enabled debit cards. Users can pair up the fingerprint based NFC card, register their biometric details and validate each future transaction via biometric instead of card pin.

Get latest details about events, entertainment and music

U DO U is a community platform for youthful and vibrant filipinos. It organizes dance competitions and gives the latest news about events, entertainment and music.

Search Fine dining restaurants and reserve tables

Clickfood helps users to search fine dining restaurants based on locations, cuisine categories, pricing, ratings etc. Users can reserve tables as well as order for takeaways.

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