Quality, Speed and Scalability with eXtreme Programming Agile Methodolog

We break a huge product into small components. Further each component breaks into small tasks and is assigned to respective teams. All teams work simultaneously to ship quality products quickly.

What is Extreme Programming?

Extreme programming (XP) is an agile project management methodology. XP supports short development cycles and small releases to improve software quality. With this methodology, the development team can quickly respond to changing requirements.

Extreme Process, Excellent Results

We have designed the development process strategically with an aim to provide excellent results to the end user.

Our simplified project management method reduces risk and releases what exactly our customers want, hence a great ROI

In this stage the UX/UI Magic happens. After the designs get approved, the project manager writes concise user stories by collaborating with customers. Post this the team creates a Release Planning and divides the project into iterations (1 to 3 weeks long)


We keep things simple by standard naming convention, methods, uniform styles and format that ensures compatibility among different teams.We follow a strict refactoring process that increases code quality and saves time.


We have certain coding standards for developers that keep the code easy to read, consistent and refactor. In our development culture we have infused collective code ownership, that each team member takes utmost responsibility. Thanks to our DevOps which automates the entire process from code integration to deployment so software developers can only focus on shipping features quickly.


We practice “test-driven development”.The team performs unit testing and verifies that the written code works as per the given user story. Once code passes the unit test phase then it merges to the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment. Here the acceptance testing happens, upon approval of the customer the code merges from UAT to Production environment..

Managing through Listening

We have created an open collaborative workspace, so everyone can bring their best. We set the right sprints so the development will continue in a sustainable way and our developers need not to work more than 40 hours/week. Hence it keeps their productivity consistent throughout the project. We listen very carefully to our customers or the dynamic changes of their business and replan the scrums in a timely manner to avoid bottlenecks in product development.

Development Practices That Results Highest Customer

We follow 12 steps of extreme development practices by creating an equilibrium between customer and development team. These practices benefited and helped us to achieve highest customer satisfaction

Our Development Values aim to deliver an excellent work

We have incorporated 5 values in our development process. It helps the team to adopt a certain mindset and avoid making excuses


Communication is the key among team members and in between customers and developers. If everyone has the same information in every phase of development then the team can address problems immediately. Also communication ensures that everyones feels committed to the project.


The development team always strives for simplicity, it means they develop only the features that are needed today or part of the current sprint. By focusing on one feature at a time, expedite the development process


We always openly accept criticisms from our customers and we encourage them to criticise us more frequently so we can deliver the exact product they want. We work in small sprints so the team can continuously test the code and communicate each update to the customer at frequent intervals.


We always communicate the bad news to our customers as quickly as we can and we accept our mistakes. In the development team we have infused a culture of willingness to tell the truth, even if it might be unpleasant. Courage means accept criticism, question your own methods, change organizational structure and if necessary rewrite the code.


Respect means you have to seriously take concerns of other peoples’ and respond to them appropriately. This applies among the developers and in between customers & developers. With mutual respect the team works in harmony and delivers a fine product.

Our Development Process, Rules, Practices and Values expedite the market launch with a great ROI because you get what exactly you want with less iteration, time and cost

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