Refund Policy

What is This About?

This is our Refund Policy, which is just a set of rules about giving money back for services at Infiniticube Services. It’s important to know that this policy is only for us and doesn’t include other companies or people we work with.

When Can You Get a Refund?

  • If you’re not happy with our service, we’ll first try to fix the problem.
  • Your issue goes through our tech team and experts. We only think about a refund if we can’t solve the problem.

Here’s when a refund might happen:

  • We haven’t started working on your project yet.
  • The problems can’t be fixed.
  • You followed our payment rules.
  • You didn’t use our info for making money.
  • Your reasons for a refund make sense.
  • You show us proof for your refund request.

Important: If you don’t meet these conditions, we can’t give you a refund.

How Do Refunds Work?

Before a Refund

  • We check if your refund request is true and matches our rules.
  • If it’s okay, we plan how to give the money back, either fully or partially (it depends on project progress).

After a Refund

  • You’ll sign an agreement.
  • You need to delete all information and communication you had with us.

The Refund Process

  • It takes 7-10 business days to get your money back after you sign the refund agreement.
  • You get your money back in the same currency you paid. Watch out for bank fees or exchange rate changes, which are your responsibility.

Changes to the Policy

We might change this policy without telling you. Keep checking it for updates. If you have questions, just ask us at

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