Integrating DevOps Solutions In Your Workflow To Optimize And Streamline Your Development Cycle

If you want your business app to stand out in this technology-dominated market, you need to integrate DevOps solutions in your workflow to optimize and streamline your development cycle. But there is a question that I'm guessing is common among the non-technical geeks and that question is  "What solutions do DevOps provide?". So, the answer is  "DevOps provides developmental and operational solutions to speed up digital transformation by giving businesses a framework to accelerate the delivery of software without compromising IT quality and dependability".  In normal words, it enhances the productivity and quality of your software or application development to make it more reliable and user-friendly.

Since you are here and reading this article, then I'm assuming that you want to create an app that needs to be of higher quality and more innovative. And to be honest, it will be difficult for you to expand your business in the age of technologically savvy people if you don't have an app that is more innovative, and easy to navigate. Most importantly, an app or software with the best UI/UX design enhances the experience of your customer. So, how do you get beyond this? 

In this blog post, we will discuss how Infiniticube’s DevOps Solutions can get you a reliable app and integrate optimized and streamlined workflow in your development cycle.

Introduction to Infiniticube

With more than half a decade of IT experience under its belt, Infiniticube has a team of specialists who can give you a successful DevOps implementation approach. We provide DevOps consulting services in addition to iterative and incremental development, on-demand workload management, lightweight architecture, security, and automated testing methodologies

A quick insight into what we do as your partner in app development to enhance your app. Accordingly, Infiniticube uses its agile solutions to address every issue or mistake and follows the processes listed below:

  • Complete shift-left and shift-right testing that helps to eliminate QA bottlenecks.
  • Reduce testing time significantly with clever optimization
  • Deliver feedback to developers in minutes, not hours, to speed up innovation.
  • Providing proactive release quality and risk analytics to business and IT leaders.

The Benefits of Integrating DevOps Solutions In Your Workflow

Hopefully, you haven't forgotten the most common question in the beginning, I'm guessing you have the answer to that question now. But, knowing human tendency, the curious part of humans wants to know what benefits you are going to get, isn't it? So, in this outline of the blog, we are going to see the benefits of integrating DevOps Solutions into your workflow.

Infrastructure Administration

It facilitates the development and deployment of software in a cooperative manner. Our DevOps solutions help businesses deliver high-quality software-based goods and services quickly and reliably. Automating is therefore a key component of DevOps. Offerings from our Solutions include:

  • Automatic Provisioning
  • Scaled Up Servers (within a minute)
  • Server State Discrepancies Removal
  • Server Launch in a Deployed State

Management of the Environment

Our configuration management services assist with code management, platform automation, and consumer-ready server and services. In addition, we also provide:

  • Configuration Discrepancies Removal
  • Automated, Error-Free, and Quick Deployment of Configuration
  • Management of a Single Tool Across All Environments
  • Setting Up Activity Reports

Continuous Integration and Code Inspection

The foundational components of a development practice are Code Inception and Continuous Integration. We assist you in implementing integrations and raising team output overall. It offers services that can help you with:

  • Tested Software
  • Improved Coding Standards
  • Ready for Verified Artifacts Deployment
  • Build and Code Quality Report

Automation & Orchestration for Deployments

Automating the deployment process is now absolutely necessary. Along with increasing productivity and agility, it also decreases production time and lowers the risk of manual configuration errors. We provide the following as part of our deployment automation services:

  • Automated, Error-Free, and Quick Deployment
  • Either Continuous Deployment or Only One Click
  • Single Tool Deployment Across All Contexts
  • Implementation Metrics

Difficulties You Might Face In the Absence of DevOps Solutions In Your Development Cycle

To help you understand the importance of it, here are some of the difficulties or challenges that you might face in the absence of DevOps solutions.

  • Lack of cultural harmony and communication between the IT Operations and Software Development Teams
  • Lack of agile delivery prevents a DevOps services organization from fostering software-driven innovation
  • the persistence of silos between the development, information technology, and operations teams
  • DBAs' absence from release cycles has a significant impact on the inner circles.
  • Lack of support for continuous delivery tools that take a holistic approach to the entire value chain

DevOps Solutions Portfolio of Infiniticube

The essential building blocks of our successful DevOps implementation are developing, building and testing, deploying, operating, and monitoring. Infiniticube can design and manage a customized DevOps solution for you. In order to implement and integrate our solution to optimize and streamline your development cycle, we use the following processes:

Planning and Evaluation

We create a roadmap for DevOps assessment by visualizing the ideal state and identifying the KPIs.

Process Execution

The process continues after we have identified the areas that need to be analyzed, designed, built, automated, and implemented.

CI/CD Process

By integrating continuous development, continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment, the DevOps gap is closed.

Automation of Process

We fully automate the pipeline of processes, including builds, test cases, quality assurance, security, and more, from code generation to production.

Protection Integration

To implement end-to-end security integration, we use Security as Code in DevSecOps.

In addition, we offer a variety of Managed Services to help with the transition to DevOps. You can get assistance from our Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with the following DevOps solutions:

  • Extra Services
    Application creation and upkeep that quickens your DevOps lifecycle
  • Steady pace
    The high technical skill maintains the development operation as a whole going along at a steady pace.
  • Improved Flow
    A continuous pipeline and site reliability power toolchains, containers, and processes.
  • Successful supply chain
    Established platforms and processes are critical for ensuring optimal supply-chain performance.
  • Regular Inspection
    At Infiniticube, the Internal team, platform, and pipeline performance KPI reviews are conducted to make sure there are no gaps.
  • Improved Cooperation
    Infiniticube's efficient use of crucial tools streamlines team communication.
  • Release Control
    We utilize efficient release management to lower the chance of failed deployment.
  • Security Management
    We always try to make sure our Security measures provide comprehensive protection against potential threats.

Final Thoughts

The integration of DevOps solutions into your workflow can be a great way to optimize and streamline your development cycle. By automating processes, improving collaboration between teams, and increasing visibility into the development process, DevOps can help you deliver better quality software faster. Additionally, DevOps can help reduce costs associated with manual processes and enable teams to focus on more important tasks. Integrating DevOps technologies into your workflow is a powerful approach to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your development cycle, and it comes with numerous advantages.

Are you looking for ways to optimize and streamline your development cycle? Integrating DevOps solutions into your workflow is the perfect way to do just that. If you are interested in utilizing our services, get in touch with us right now. Alternatively, you can also make a call appointment with our experts if you have any questions.

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