Top 10 Machine Learning App Ideas You can Implement in 2023

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Funding in AI, and its essential subdivision — machine learning and machine learning companies, are growing as never before. The worldwide expenditures by private companies on AI expanded to $70 Billion in 2019.

A study by McKinsey stated that 82% of businesses adopting AI and machine learning throughout their administrative exercises have gained a meaningful return on investment.

Machine learning is undoubtedly one of the largest supported and applied subdivisions of Artificial Intelligence. We already saw plenty of novel ideas become reality applying machine learning.

But don’t you think there is still a lot of scope for other machine learning app plans yet to succeed in the market? I absolutely felt that way. If your inquisitive mind is questioning the possibilities, this article is for you. I will tell you among the finest ideas for machine learning ideas that we are yet to see in the market.

There are several businesses that are expert machine learning services suppliers and so to develop the most suitable machine learning apps, you should pick the services of first-class IT companies only.

I segmented this checklist of the best machine learning app ideas on the grounds of industry. Thus, you can search for many AI app ideas throughout your favored industry sectors.

The Best Machine Learning App Ideas for the Healthcare Industry

1. An App To Have a Checklist of Your Diabetes

In this fast-paced life, tension and toxic practices can cause many health problems, and diabetes is among the most common health problems in this day and age. And nobody has considerable time for a visit to doctors for regular inspection and to keep a record of diabetes.

Build a health examiner with the right selection of programming language that is easily installed on any handheld smart device and capable of monitoring the patient’s glucose level, keeping track of sugar levels, and tracking food consumption by means of sensors and wireless networks.

After watching and examining the records of diabetes, it produces a detailed record that can be shown to the physician at the time of the subsequent visit.

Regardless of how difficult and broad your Diabetes application will be, an iPhone app development company can leverage a lot of application programming languages comprising PHP, Java, Python, and .Net, to develop easy-to-use applications.

Nevertheless, Angular is the most suitable choice of programming language to build a profoundly responsive app.

2. Social Media Apps for Organ Donors

Is it workable to present life or enhance the experience of an individual with a basic app?

My answer is YES!

Today millions of individuals are enrolled as donors, and a thousand others are awaiting an organ to save their lives in the world. All they have to do is to sign up for an app.

Create a social app for a specific group of individuals from a common community to join patients who are looking for organ donors and who have previously experienced the surgeries.

By means of AI and deep learning, you can accumulate data and can connect people with related health concerns.

If you are building a social media app for organ donors, ensure you keep the interface of the app simple and easy. Ensure you have characteristics in your app that quickly connect people in accordance with experience, basic problems, wants and are capable of sharing stories with the survivors.

In addition, enable them to converse and interact among themselves to support survivors to understand what typical problems they have encountered, what measures they have pursued, how much longer it takes to heal, and more.

3. App to Pick Your Ideal Eyewear

Test 1000+ eye frames in 10 seconds! Sounds amazing, right?

Let your consumers check the most advanced trends that fit them properly by simply signing up for an app that assists you to test different eyeglass frames with a single snap.

The most reliable technology that you may choose to build a mobile app is the Augmented Reality (AR) which allows you to click your picture and overlay it with the chosen frame to assist you to see the correct look of the frame on you.

4. Health Checkup and Diet Planner App

No time for a visit for usual health inspections or physical exercises? We got you covered!

The Health Checkup and Diet Planner app will examine your fitness grade and tailor your diet program appropriately. Plus, add features in-app to choose a diet program for losing weight, healthy food, high-protein diet, salad diet, liquid diet, and so on.

Retail & e-Commerce Industry

5. Chatbots: Let Your Bots Converse with the Consumers

Gone are the days when consumers kept calling customer care to get an answer to their problems. AI-based chatbots are the latest online agents that can control the countless number of inquiries and doubts in real-time and deliver 24*7 assistance to the consumers.

Chatbots act like people, but they deliver more precise answers and are completely automated with no human interference.

According to the studies, it is predicted that 85% of consumer communication will be managed without human means by 2021. As a matter of fact, 64% of internet users state that the 24-hour service is the most useful piece of Chatbots; hence, 37% of people take advantage of live chat help to get an immediate response in an urgency.

With many advantages being offered to end-users, adding a virtual assistant to your mobile app can increase buyer relationships.

Travel & Hospitality Industry

6. Travel Destination Suggestion App

Have you heard that the choice of travel destination can drastically impact your travel experience?

The travel destinations that suit your friend’s travel interests don’t need to suit your travel preferences. The travel destination suggestion app will equip you with the most suitable travel choices that thoroughly fit your travel interests.

Since this year is 2020, so go cleverly! Find the safest destination for several trips, particularly regarding the family, children, elderly parents, teenagers, couple-friendly, adventure journeys, beach tours, shopping-fun tours, and so on.

7. Travel Tool App

Various travel destinations demand separate travel planning. Customers can simply browse it on google to get back the required details, but it might be a laborious job.

With a simple click on a travel tool app, you get to hold a list of items, accessories, and devices that you must have to manage the trip. Just pick a tour model to view a list of toolboxes. For instance; for a safari tour, you need a camouflage outfit, shoes, knife, sunscreen, cap, and so on for a trouble-free journey.

Banking & Financial Services

8. Financial Transactions

Apps on the basis of AI/ML can be of great value for companies working in the banking and finance sector. These apps help examine your payment transaction records and give you all you want regarding online payment, transparency, and cybersecurity.

This is the latest app idea for the finance business that could be used to control the financial expense of a customer by connecting their credit cards and bank accounts.

Erica is an excellent example of an ML-activated virtual voice assistant that helps maintain your finances safe in the digital space and is unquestionably on the list of excellent new app ideas for banking organizations and financial institutions.

The Most Useful Machine Learning App Ideas in Education & e-Learning

9. e-Learning Apps

With the acceleration in the field of Artificial Intelligence tools, the way we learn, explore, or draft text has transformed. There are high-level AI-based mobile applications that read, search, and read for you assisting explorers to learn more about the evolution of the latest technology, devices, and data.

An AI can surely assist students in getting answers to their queries by searching through all the potential websites.

The Best Machine Learning App Ideas in Digital & Marketing Agencies

10. New App Ideas for Marketing Specialists

The new AR/VR app idea will unlock many opportunities for companies and businesses. Consumers will get a hold of the complete study of market records, market estimates, and the contemporary market data in virtual form coupled with the details of the remaining information related to marketing.

Look at a familiar example: when you give your kids a smartphone in a purchasing cart, the whole e-store turns into an entertainment floor for your kids loaded with games to take part in and rewards that they can win. In this manner, AR and VR apps benefit from the demands of their enchanted viewers.


This article will assist you in identifying the most suitable Machine Learning App Ideas that are employed in numerous areas, namely Healthcare, e-Commerce, Travel & Hospitality, Banking & Financial, and so on.

By means of ML, you can estimate customer’s requirements, evaluate data, identify spam, enhance security, and many more.

I do hope this article assisted you in investigating the best Machine Learning Apps Ideas. If you are going to develop your own ML application, then hire machine learning app services, and they will assist you in developing full-grown applications.

Also, our company has an expert app developer team, every single developer is experienced and qualified in their technical domain and technology. Since we offer all solutions under the same house, the app released is fully custom made and is in accordance with the most advanced and trending technologies.

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