Pinterest Marketing: Marketing Strategies in Small Business

Looking forward to using Pinterest for your business? If you are not using this as one of the digital marketing strategies, perhaps, it is time to give it a go — notably now that the company went public under the apropos ticker PINS.

Pinterest allows firms a reasonably exclusive proposition. Like every social media network, it’s a community to communicate with friends and influencers. Being a visual search engine and “efficient tool for accomplishing your goals,” it can do many other things.

Pinners reach the platform for motivation. They’re organizing their marriages, ideal vacations, and festival feasts. And for this reason, they’re not only open to brand content — they notice it valuable.

Pinterest is the bulletin board you have used for pinning that exotic beach picture, that untried magazine recipe, and that photo of some quotes pinned to it, except for this time — it is digital rather than a conventional corkboard.

Corkboard, mood board, inspiration board… it is a digital platform for people to find, share, and design artistic ideas from throughout the World Wide Web.

Pinterest is a social media network that is predicated on the concept of sharing visuals. Users or “pinners”, can arrange, share images/videos using the Internet and also search for them. This makes the platform one of the major search engines for imagery content.

We perceive images and videos that users upload to the website as pins. Pinners have the opportunity to compose their pins into virtual bulletin boards/pinboards.

Users can have different board names and themes according to their wish for their boards, which can be followed by other users. Depending on your interest, you can make your boards private/public.

Now, to share visuals, you have three options:

  1. You can manually upload and share visuals coupled with their links/descriptions
  2. Repin and share pictures you find in your feed
  3. Repin and share pictures of what you get through search

The glorious thing about Pinterest is that it enables you to share thoughts, opinions, concepts, and motivate others better than any social platform.

Moreover, because every pinner is occupied with pinning visuals of their own business and organizing them, they are alright with other pinners seeing their work. This makes Pinterest social media content marketing for companies an extremely efficient means to get some talk about your products/services.

Every concept is described by a Pin, which is an image that is explored and collected by Pinterest users. Pins have the ability to link back to your websites; therefore, Pinterest is excellent for stimulating traffic and sales.

Pins assist users to learn more about the products they are looking to purchase.

If you are using Pinterest for your business or Shopify, always add a link to your website with each pin — this may be a blog post, an article, a service page, or a company website.

By comparing Pinterest to the Instagram post-program, the finesse of quickly adding links sets Pinterest apart from any email marketing company, pricing strategies in marketing, free marketing, lead generation companies, social media schedulers/social media software, and social media marketing strategies.

Links to a pin make it simple for a Pinterest user to learn more regarding a pin that has grabbed their attention and is likely to make a purchase.

Pinterest makes 3.8 times more business than other best social media marketing platforms, and 87% of Pinners have bought a product because of Pinterest.

With only 200 million monthly users, Pinterest may not be the best platform for social media planning for your business if you compare it with the likes of Facebook and Instagram social media marketing platforms. Hence, it is appropriate to see who is using Pinterest and use social media software management tools according to the purpose.

More than half of all U.S. millennials practice Pinterest every month, and in that global audience, 66% of females are aging between 2 and 4.

The most significant areas on Pinterest are fashion, food, auto, interiors, and travel, so there are touch points for an enormous variety of users.

For spending power, a recent survey by Pinterest found that 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases, and 40% of Pinners have a household income of $100k+.

For businesses that have a tremendous amount of users ready, prepared, and able to spend according to what they find on Pinterest.

If your audience is on Pinterest and you haven’t considered it as a component of your business strategy, you could pass up the possibility to reach potential buyers every time they log into their Pinterest accounts.

Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

These tips will assist you in driving your Pinterest social media content marketing strategy.

1. Create Captivating Content for Website

The picture says a lot on Pinterest. In actuality, in a Pinterest research, 85% of Pinners put more emphasis on pictures than text. But that is not to say you should be negligent about your copy.

  • Vertical Imagery. Mobile users make up 85% of Pinterest. Shoot for a 2:3 aspect ratio; therefore, your picture won’t get shortened, and you can target the highest quality image.
  • Detailed Copy. Explain to people what they are viewing and draw them to find out more.
  • Text Overlay. Think of adding a headline that bolsters your message.
  • Rich Branding. Add your logo so your brand won’t go wasted in the RePin shuffle.
  • Great Storytelling. The moment you hook people in, put your brand to use. Thus, Pinners can picture themselves as shoppers.

2. Spot Emerging Trends

Pinterest is the first platform where customers share products, ideas, and trends that they are interested in. To verify that your brand is ahead of the curve in upcoming trends in your business, you want to keep an effective appearance on Pinterest.

You should also follow influencers in your industry on the platform to discover emerging trends. If you have difficulty finding emerging trends, then Pinterest usually accumulates different sections of recommended content for users under their searches.

Look at the following search options that show up when a user clicks on the search bar. It curates content according to their search interests.

If you’re looking for things that are strongly associated with your business, you’re going to see things that will be hyper-targeted to your brand and followers.

3. Building Brand Authority

If you have a Pinterest business account, you will be able to have some elements that normal accounts miss.

For example, the following Pinterest business profile is one such example.

There are some elements to this profile that normal Pinterest users can’t have, and that includes:

  • A header stuffed with your own branded pins
  • Gain a better idea of the number of viewers your pins get
  • A verified website

Each of these things presents itself to your brand authority, giving you that much-needed authentic online presence.

4. Drive Website Traffic

As I have stated in the above section, you can add your certified website address to your Pinterest business profile.

This is an excellent opportunity to quickly start driving website traffic from your Pinterest business profile.

To make it even better, a Pinterest business account provides you access to rich Pins, a kind of Pin that gives more data about your landing page than a conventional Pin. With product Pins, it covers pricing information and other product specifications.

Here’s an illustration of the product Pin:

Pins such as this exhibit further details of your product in such a way as to how it will be useful for their customers. This is the same case with the services or blog post before a user saves or clicks on it. Attracting users can cause an increased number of clicks and further traffic.

5. Access Your Analytics

Pinterest business accounts also have the power to view the hashtags analytics for your Pins, particularly the Pins that you’ve saved.

You have the opportunity to look at impressions, check the engagement ratio, how many clicks, number of views, and lots more. You have the option to choose a particular date range and view all your pins or just the Pins saved from your website.

Checking your hashtags analytics is an excellent opportunity to see which Pins are receiving the most clicks and creating the most traffic to your website; therefore, you will be able to promote your business further and produce equivalent products, articles, or Pins to repeat that progress.

6. Run Ads and Promote Pins

The ultimate advantage of Pinterest business accounts is the capability to run ads and promote Pins. Getting access to Pinterest advertising and aiming for features is a significant advantage, and be of assistance to see better success from your Pinterest profile.

Just go to the Ads tab in your business account’s navigation bar to launch the ad campaign.

Select build ad campaigns for brand recognition, traffic, and conversions, and you can even select a hyper-specific interest.

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine that knows how to target a specific audience, considering it understands precisely what people are looking for and interested in.

Also, Pinterest’s advertisements are also highly cost-effective, and if you have a visual product or service that should be marketed through imagery or some small videos, then you have to reserve some of your advertising funds for the Pinterest marketing advertisements.

As I have mentioned before, Pinterest is a great platform for many businesses to sell their brand uniquely. Nevertheless, creating a good Pinterest strategy might be difficult. To assist you, we have collected an extensive of some “Don’ts” for your Pinterest social media content marketing strategy.

One beauty of Pinterest’s design is that it is virtually a visual encounter. When designing pinnable images for your site, don’t hesitate of using different and vibrant colors, different fonts, and attractive designs. The repins always depend on how eye-catching the picture is.

Stop Posting Low-Quality Images

It is common knowledge that Pinterest is an extremely visual platform. Hence, it is pointless to post a low-quality image. Doesn’t matter what you post, be it your product or your service, post an attractive image. More than anything, check out everything you post that signifies your brand.

Don’t Overlook Group Board

We commonly know group boards as community boards, which are used only for members who are invited to pin on the topic, and not anyone else. Verify that the boards you engage in are nicely curated, have quite a few active users, and active moderators who rush to expel people who break the quality of the group board.

It’s an amazing idea to have your profile explicit to your company, so if anyone searches for you on Pinterest, then they will know in a heartbeat that it is indeed the right profile. One excellent opportunity to ensure this is to have your profile checked by Pinterest.

Avoid Inconsistency

First, provide something new to your followers every day because they need something, not the boring stuff that they see every day on the internet. Therefore, you must pin consistently every day. There are so many automation tools and social media software, especially social media automation tools and social media software, and email automation tools that you can use to help you schedule pin images and send them to people regularly.

Avoid Empty or Incomplete Boards

People avoid following or connecting with you once you have an empty board or an incomplete profile. This will impact the Pinterest marketing strategy for your brand. Hence, you must have sufficient content to pin on board frequently. If you are incapable of producing it, then you can work with a secret board and keep pinning to it always. If you have sufficient pins, you can share them one by one based on your specifications.

Add the Pin it Button to Your Site

Without a doubt, you can easily add the social share button to your website. This allows users to share your images more easily and you may as well make it simple to control what images they share from your site.

Don’t Ignore the Office Board

While users probably don’t repin these pictures a lot of times, it is a brilliant idea to have entertaining images from around your office. Guess what? Pinterest also has an office board. These boards further socialize your brand to fans, thus improving to encourage a powerful bond between you and your users.

Minimize Using Too Many Hashtags

Also, avoid using excessive hashtags in your pin description on your profile because hashtags are nonfunctional on Pinterest. For this reason, utilize hashtags efficiently for content ideas for the best social media marketing, and above all else, keep your hashtags relevant and appropriate.

Don’t Pin Anything and Everything

Avoid pinning everything or anything because it messes up your pinboards. Incoherent pins can make your boards seem chaotic and miss some kind of theme.

Pinterest users like content to be arranged properly, thereby they can make it easier to find what they are searching for. Don’t hesitate to pin engaging content your followers would relish, but make it relevant to your business.

Never consider Pinterest as just a free social media marketing platform site. It is also a search engine that has over 440 million users visiting the website to search for fresh ideas every month.

The volume of Pinterest users seems to grow daily. These numbers suggest that Pinterest SEO is going to be significant if digital marketers are to make it through. Anyway, you will see how Pinterest SEO works.

Here are some Pinterest SEO tips to help you understand Pinterest effectively. We understand that the Pinterest website is among the primary search engines on the web.

People visit Pinterest for concepts, recipes, and DIY tips and tricks. We employ Pinterest Keywords to deliver the right content to people. We optimize the content for the website, and also for searching on Google. If we do not do this precisely, we may lose the content on the search engine.

In this article, you will fully appreciate what Pinterest search engine optimization is, and how Pinterest search engine optimization operates.

How does Pinterest SEO work?

As you are well aware, SEO reinforces rankings for all types of content on the website. Pinterest users are seeking their Pinterest Rank on the content. As a result, they approach multiple websites to discover the latest Pinterest SEO Work checklists and get their pins to the appropriate users.

If you’re looking for valuable Pinterest SEO tips, you’re in the right place.

Profile Optimization

The top emphasis on Pinterest SEO Work Checklists is profile optimization, which is extremely significant by all means. Pinterest has launched a brand-new profile for its customers.

Pinterest has isolated the description from the URL and location and presented it in a bigger font. Hence, it is much needed to write the words that Pinterest users can immediately understand about your brand by reading.

For your profile description, use simple but coherent words. Use Pinterest keywords accurately in your description. Improve the value of your writing content for the website using clear and concise words.

I consider the profile image to be a substantial part of any profile, so use the best image for your profile. An eye-catching business logo is a must, and such profile pictures reflect your business identity. Kindly do not indulge yourself in fake images, as your followers cannot resonate with them.

Change the filename and provide a name that involves keywords. It helps you in optimizing for the Pinterest search engine. Thus, we can quickly see our image on Google.

If your goal is to get as many followers as you can on Pinterest, then try to have the best cover image on Pinterest considering that the initial thing that users see is Pinterest cover. We badly need this for Pinterest SEO.

Pinterest Keywords and Hashtags

Proper keywords play a vital role in Pinterest search engine optimization and also keywords play an important part in Google’s ranking of Pinterest content. Now one might ask, how do you do Pinterest keyword research?

When you type some words based on your target audience and keywords, Pinterest will show some auto words like other search engines. Include these words in the board Pinterest titles and pin descriptions.

Also, target long-tail words, you will easily get ranked. Use short keywords as minimum as you can because there is tremendous competition for short keywords and it is very difficult to rank for these keywords. If you think this is an arduous task to follow, you can use the Pinterest keyword tool.

Once you finish uploading or repinning the pin while writing the description, attempt to use rich Pinterest keywords. This practice will rank your content for Pinterest SEO Work. We need to include words that are most commonly used in the research bar with a hashtag. It enables users to see all the pins closely tied to their work.

Pinterest Optimization

You can use Pinterest to drive leads to your website. Always keep in mind that it is not a simple graphic design website. For pin optimization, it is crucial to optimize the pin size as well.

The pin image should not just be innovative, exciting, and top quality, but also its dimensions should be suitable. Different ranges of pin sizes are available on Pinterest.

The most suitable pin size for google SEO is 600 × 900. Pick an image that is darker and contrastable. Always use appropriate pictures for the pins.

Continue to be active on Pinterest for Pinterest SEO. For instance, comment on relevant pins and follow such pins daily. Social records have revealed that appending pins two to three times is ideal. Work with management tools to post every day.

Promoting Your Content on Pinterest

Now that you have done your SEO work properly with your Pinterest content created, it’s time that your content needs some love on Pinterest. This section includes some of the best strategies for growing your blog traffic on Pinterest.

How Do You Use Pinterest to Promote Your Blog?

It is one of the best methods if you are blogging for marketing your product or services. Blogs can assist you in getting your business going forward in the market.

Always remember that writing a blog is not good enough to get some eyeballs on your product unless you promote your blog posts everywhere on the internet.

So you have a definite obligation to promote your blog posts every day as other best social media marketing platforms change their policies according to the users’ convenience all the time. How do you maximize this opportunity and how do you exploit them effectively?

Pinterest Ad Types

There are a couple of options to promote your content on the platform. To find out which ad format is ideal for your product or service, it’s crucial to comprehend your ad campaign objectives and the characteristics of each Pinterest promotion format.

The following are some formats, and each serves a particular aim of the campaign. Since this topic is beyond this subject, I assume that you already know the following formats and their objectives.

Anyway, the following are the four different formats that you can get on the Pinterest platform.

Pick Your Campaign Objectives

Every Pinterest campaign begins with an aim. Picking your campaign objectives decides what ad formats are open to you. There are three sections to pick from:

If your campaign goal is to make your business known to everyone on the platform, prefer brand awareness for standard Pins and video views for promoted video Pins.

If your goal is to drive potential leads or increase traffic to the website, pick Traffic or App install for your campaign aim.

Choose your Target Audience

The Pinterest platform has six targeting choices you can use remarkably or mix them for a novel targeting strategy.

Audiences — If any user has purchased something recently from your site or been involved with your Pinterest content, this enables you to target that person for a commercial ad.

Keywords — Expose your ads to users who are seeking your kind of content.

Interests — You can target people according to the content they typically get themselves involved in.

Expanded — Provide you with further benefits and keywords on the basis of your ad’s content and who you are trying to communicate with.

Demographics — This enables you to choose a particular location, language, device, or gender.

Placements — This provides you the choice to determine where your ad is presented. Promoted Pins won’t show up if you don’t want to show when a user is browsing and turns up only in search results, you will be able to mention that on Pinterest.

Fix Your Campaign Budget

  • You can always customize your budget according to the time you want your ad to be advertised.
  • You can fix the maximum bid.
  • A bid defines the maximum amount of budget you fancy paying for an action.
  • Pinterest will suggest an amount based on your target audience and competitors’ expenditures.
  • Ensure your budget reflects your overall marketing objectives.

Promote Your Pins with Video & Rich Pins

  • We focus these types of pins on mobile users.
  • These pins have animated GIFs that allow the user to access the complete video.
  • We have five varieties of rich pins: article pins, product pins, film pins, recipe pins, and finally, location pins.
  • Article pins that carry the author, link, and headline.
  • Product pins that carry availability and pricing specifications.
  • The film pins emphasize crew and cast-related information and ratings.
  • Recipe pins that highlight ingredients and other relevant data.
  • Location pins add maps and addresses.
  • Based on the Kissmetrics blog, brands that work with rich pins have noticed an 82 percent growth in their repin to pin ratio.

Pin at the Right Time

  • Pick an ideal time to post that drives traffic and leads to your website.
  • As per HubSpot, the ideal time to post on this platform is 5 pm on Fridays, within 8–11 pm on Saturdays or 2–4 am on weekdays.
  • If you are planning to post during the day, try to post between 2 and 4 pm, as per Social Fresh, or between 8 pm to 1 am.
  • Particular topics will also perform better during certain months. For instance, holiday pins will work great during the holiday season, whereas, a sweater pin will work better in fall.
  • Either way, use your common sense to decide if the timing is appropriate for your content.
  • Avoid continuous product promotions on a Pinterest feed, else, you will most likely become a disruption and get unfollowed.
  • Add value to every point of interaction with your users for them to take part in your content.
  • To add value to your users, look at adding Pins that your viewers want to resonate with that don’t involve your product or service.
  • You can provide added value by demonstrating services that complement your product/service.
  • For instance, if you have a coffee shop, then try Pinning playlists they can listen to while working.

In Conclusion

Pinning a wonderful picture will not just help you promote your business, your products, or services, your pins must also be engaging and appropriate to earn audience commitment. Pinterest is a reasonable tool that supports brands of all sizes to get the privileges of an ingeniously involved community.

Now Launch Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Social Media

Pinterest as a marketing tool assists you naturally in building brand awareness, increasing conversions, boosting sales, and building durable relationships with your intended audience and buyer personas.

You can accomplish all the above things for your company by following the Pinterest marketing strategies we examined and integrating the accessible tools and supplies to aid you to prosper as a business on the network.

Register for a business account and start producing exceptional and interesting writing content for the website to sell to your buyers and followers on Pinterest and also on other best social media marketing platforms.

For more Pinterest marketing strategies and to develop your business in terms of leads and traffic, consult one of our digital marketing services strategists for a clear understanding of the situation.

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