Does AI Help Us With Money Investments

Artificial intelligence — the buzzing word of the tech industry.

As AI sneaks into every sector these days, the money investment sector isn’t far away from AI. We all know how big the finance industry is all over the world, and this is a significant sector to determine the economy of the country.

What is the Stock Market, and What Do People Have To Do With It?

We have all heard the word called ‘stock market.’ At some point in time, we have heard that the stock market is crashing or it is booming. But, why are people so concerned about stock markets? Is it really that big, and what are the consequences of stock markets?

Yes, the consequences of the stock market reveal the commercial aspects of the country. This is one of the driving factors of the country’s financial/economic growth.

People buy/sell stocks based on the financial condition of companies over the years. If companies are functioning well in the market then people will buy/sell stocks, if not — the investments in the form of stocks will take a huge plunge in terms of buy and sell.

Companies usually raise capital by distributing stocks among people in order to grow their business or jump into a new segment. If the company gains profit in its business then it issues profits in the form of dividends. The dividends are nothing but interest on our investment.

For these returns, people buy/sell stocks and help companies to grow and expand their businesses. Now you might have understood what stocks are and what it has to do with people.

Let us look at what AI can do in the stock exchange market, and how it benefits people in the long-run.

Use of AI in the Stock Market

Believing a silicon chip machine for your investments is one of the challenges for anyone, despite the lack of common sense that is associated with the AI machine.

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Yes, it is true that AI lacks common sense in a way, however, that doesn’t let you lose the confidence in AI for your investments. Initially, we need to understand one thing about investments in the stock markets: stock markets are all about stats and math operations using the past data of the company.

We all know that AI is pretty brilliant at working on past data. You give as much data as you want, AI can process it and tell you how it is going to work in the future based on the past stats. Isn’t it exactly what we wanted from AI?

AI may not give you a one-stop solution for all your investments, but it will give you the past data that you can rely on to invest. Anyhow, we will look at how AI would improve our investing in the following:

#1 Better Predictions With Improved Statistical Data

With enhanced computing power, the machines are able to gather a large amount of data to process and analyze. Today, the machines are working with an enriched statistical model to predict the better outcome of the investments.

In other words, smart computers lead to smart investors.

#2 Voice-Activated Pieces of Research and Investments

Thanks to modern AI, now, we can query all our stock market-related issues with a single voice search while we are driving our car, or doing our errands at home. 

This multitasking wouldn’t have been possible without the latest technology in AI. We can even invest our money by knowing the current details of the market. Additionally, we can also gain some knowledge of investments if you are completely new to the investment sector.

#3 Effective Advisor-Client relationship

AI has been extremely effective in the advisor-client relationship, especially with the automated aspects of the advisor-client relationship. Some repeated activities, like initial communication to risk profiling and the documentation that goes with it, require automation. 

It also has the means to facilitate how they access, process, and collaborate on documentation. This makes the advisor task more effortless to access the data faster and easier.

#4 Flexible Trading 

With AI, flexibility is one of the vital features. It can adapt to any kind of investor. If the investor is a high-risking person then the person can rely on AI decisions on when to buy, sell, and hold the shares.

Similarly, if an investor is a low-risking person then based on the past data, it will alert the investor when the market is going to fall, and therefore, you can decide to stay invested or to move out.

#5 Fraud Detection and Management

Using the past spending behaviors of different transactions, it can detect odd behavior, such as using a card from different countries within a few hours or withdrawing a sum of money that is strange for the questionable account.

Another brilliant feature of AI is that it can learn from the past. If the system raises a red flag for one user, and later on, a human being corrects that, then it learns from this experience, and next time — the machine makes the overall system even more sophisticated and well-defined about what is fraud and what is not.

#6 Quality Finance Advice at a Lower Cost

By automating tasks like gathering data and researching, you can avoid these painfully time-spending activities by leaving it to AI to process. Meanwhile, humans can focus on developing other effective financial plans.

After all, robots are very quick to research and acquire a large amount of data, and that is what they are meant to do. A well-coordinated mix of machines and humans can do wonders in financial services. 


Without a piece of doubt, it is AI that is going to rule the financial service sector in the future. We are already witnessing huge strides in that direction with many companies adopting AI-powered platforms

There is no doubt that AI-powered software can really help humans and do wonders, but at what cost is the question. Security concerns are primary concerns in AI-enabled financial services. It definitely has its downsides, but the combination of humans and machines can make the finance sector a booming sector.

The one thing that can be never replaced by a machine is trust. For this very reason, it is important to use the best of both minds, and reduce losses, make smarter investments, and of course, a top-notch experience.

All the best!

Balbir Kumar Singh

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