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If you rewind the clock by 20 years and tell anyone back in that time that they are going to watch movies in the future whenever they want and wherever they want in their hands — they probably wouldn’t have believed you because artificial intelligence development companies have transformed the entertainment industry that much.

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The entertainment industry is changing rapidly every day so much so, that you even forgot when was the last time you even watched a movie through a CD or DVD. For better or worse, this pandemic is pushing the entertainment and media industry out of its comfort zone.

One of the popular examples of the rapid transformation of the entertainment industry is Netflix. Today, Netflix is one of the outstanding OTT platforms in the entertainment world. Netflix started as a DVD rental company in 1997, and today it has grown to a $100 billion company.

This is not just the case with Netflix. There are several instances like these. For instance, India alone has 40 OTT platforms at the moment. In 2018, the net worth of OTT was $303 million, and by 2019, the net worth of OTT was $475 million. As you can notice, for one year, the hike in OTT usage is around 156%.

Ever Doubted Why Are You Spending So Much Time On Video Streaming Apps?

According to a global survey, Indians spent 5 hours 16 minutes per day, which is more than the global average of 4 hours and 3 minutes per day during April-May 2020. 

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Of course, the pandemic was also one of the reasons why people were forced to stay at home, but this stat shows something else, too, and that is video streaming apps are here to stay. But why are people spending so much time on video streaming apps?

For one, the content length is so long, but wait, that is not the only reason why people are spending so much time on video streaming apps. Then, what is it?

The simple answer is AI and machine learning


AI and machine learning? How is it possible?

I will tell you why. Have you ever watched a show/movie on the recommended list that you weren’t supposed to watch? Well, that is probably because AI understood the pattern of your watching history.

I know this must be shocking if you are not aware of AI and machine learning, but if you belong to a computer science background or even if you are tech-savvy, this is not a big surprise.

For instance, if you love thriller movies and you have watched more thriller movies than other genres on the app then the AI will identify it using algorithms and recommend other thriller movies that you would enjoy watching it. 

So, that is how you have spent more time on video streaming apps.

But Is This Only Relevant To Video Streaming Apps? 

No! Not at all. You can even notice this on your music apps. Have you ever wondered why there are recommended songs on your music app? Yes, you guessed it right — it is machine learning.

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The algorithm will detect the kind of songs you listen to, and based on the tempo and mood of the songs, the algorithm will come to a conclusion. Accordingly, it recommends the songs you will enjoy listening to.

Similarly, it is the same with YouTube. YouTube identifies your patterns and recommends the videos you would love to watch.

The entertainment industry is flourishing with AI and machine learning algorithms, and there will be no obstructions in the near future as long as the consumer enjoys watching it.

Okay, What Is Going On With the Gaming Industry?

Gone are the days when games used to be just passing time. Today, gamers want more from games. For gamers, games should be exciting, interesting, and captivating. Moreover, games should be more natural for gamers, not some robotic responses.

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To be more natural and realistic, the developers need to adapt to machine learning and AI algorithms. The main hurdle in the gaming industry is the lack of large amounts of data.

Games are more complicated and not easy to process for AI and machine learning algorithms. For ML, past data is crucial to develop the game as it progresses. Without large amounts of data, it is impossible to create a realistic game. AI is still in its initial stages, so it is very difficult for AI to contribute to the gaming industry.

But don’t lose hope yet, as we are already witnessing significant changes in the gaming industry. Today, games are way better than they used to be. These days games are more natural than 10 years ago.

10 to 20 years from now, the gaming industry will look completely different from the full use of AI and machine learning. Who knows, maybe we can even get artificial gaming characters who like to play according to their own wishes rather than some predetermined settings by gaming developers.

Of course, it is a bit far-fetched for now, but this is a possibility with AI involved in the gaming industry. 

Anyhow, the rise of AI is equally important to make games more realistic and as real as possible to gamers. Especially with augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality making huge strides in their technologies, there is no doubt that we can immerse ourselves in games and forget the world in the future.

Final Thoughts

I mentioned that AI’s contribution to the gaming industry is difficult to implement. This is because the complexity of a typical game is way harder than what AI and machine learning used to encounter in its day to day works. 

For instance, a typical game has 101,685 possible states, whereas the number of protons in the observable universe is just of the order of 1080. This can explain the degree of complexity that is involved in the game.

But wait, is this going to be a hurdle in the future for AI’s development? No, not at all. In fact, games are going to make AI algorithms even more sophisticated and easy to understand the complexity of a human brain. AI also realizes what it takes to play a game and how a human brain works, therefore, it develops its own way of playing games with humans.

Yes, to truly harness an AI algorithm, you need to have large amounts of data. With games being played every day by AI, it will understand the human brain and may develop the required intelligence that it needs to play a game.

In the meantime, AI software development companies and artificial intelligence solutions will come up with new technologies and many more improvements in the upcoming future to make it even more advanced.

Till then, we just have to wait!

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