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How AI Is Going to Personalize Content For Users

How AI Is Going to Personalize Content For UsersPhoto by Photos Hobby on Unsplash


We live in a world where people have no time for automated messages, calls, or even automated marketing for that matter. The world is going gaga over machine learning development services these days.

Just imagine you got a message in your inbox saying someone else’s name, instead of your name. It feels a little unsettling right, even if you are an easygoing person. 

That’s exactly what is wrong with the automated message. There were so many instances where the marketing messages were directly automated, and they don’t even specify what problems they solved before, let alone finding the pain points of customers.

If you can list what problems you have solved before, at least, the customer will know whether you can solve his problem. Automated content not only creates the wrong impression but also stops users from contacting you in the future.

Okay, that is all about why you should avoid automated messages. Let’s jump into the importance of personalized content.

Importance of AI-Driven Personalized Content

Personalized content can create such an impact so much so that if you can send the message at the right time, in the right place, and to the right person — you can instantly turn a potential lead into a loyal customer forever.

Importance of AI-Driven Personalized ContentPhoto by Austin Distel on Unsplash


That’s okay, but how did it create such an impact in the first place? It is not such a big deal with AI. You see, machine learning gathers data the moment a user visits the website and engages with the content. 

Machine learning collects the data, not just the data he visits but also the data which he had engaged with the most. That way, it also finds the users’ preferences and his/her interests.

Once you find the preferences and interests of the users, it is very easy to curate the content next time and suggest what type of content he should go for on the website.

This way, the user won’t waste any time on the website with useless content, instead, he would go for the content he is looking for on the website. AI is saving time for both users and yours.

What is Marketing Personalization?

Marketing Personalization implies tailoring the data which the user wants to read and engage with. This happens through data collection, analysis, and usage of AI to market the right data, at the right time, in the right place, through the right channel, and to the right customer.

What is Marketing Personalization?Photo by Merakist on Unsplash


This is a general phenomenon these days, and many companies are already adopting this technology in several marketing campaigns to attract the right customers.

Benefits of Personalized Content

Old-fashioned automated content is becoming worthless in content marketing, so marketers are trying to find alternative ways to lure customers with their content marketing strategies. 

The research reported that recently more and more content marketers believe that AI and machine learning can personalize the content according to individual preference and interest.

With personalized content, many industries are already witnessing a lot of improvement with their business. The following are some benefits because of personalized content:

#1 Individualized Content Experience

Content analytics goes beyond page views, time duration, and traffic on the website. Personalized content is all about user behavior, interest, and preferences.

AI and machine learning will be essential to predict the behavior of the user. Using predictive personalization and profiling tools, adapt the content in real-time to optimize conversions automatically. This provides a much more complicated personalization powered by machine learning algorithms.

For instance, a travel company can use the customer data of previously booked flights, hotels, restaurants, etc to predict the behavior of users’ interests and preferences.

Based on the data, machine learning predicts the pattern and identifies the users’ interests and preferences, and tailors the content according to the individual.

If you have offers for customers in a particular place, then using the customer geolocation, you can send the tailored (right) content to the right customer in the right place through the right channel.

This is how you can turn a potential lead into a loyal customer forever.

#2 Improve Email Efficiency

Every day we send many emails, but only a handful of them get responses if you are very lucky, or else you won’t. It is important that we are not wasting our valuable time on users who won’t take any action and are not interested in our content.

The above two reasons are the results when you are not spending enough time on users’ preferences and interests. AI and machine learning algorithms to send out emails to the right people at the right time through the right channels will overcome this.

This way, you can improve the efficiency of your email marketing. Remember, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there that you need to take advantage of and put into use.

#3 Improved Users Profiles

User profiles can be one of your weapons to create intelligent and personalized content for users. To create intelligent and personalized content, you need to create intelligent profiles. 

This is possible through intelligent techniques and tools that come from the areas of machine learning, data mining, and Natural Language Processing. These things can help us contextualize and improve results.

There are three ways you can create profiles using AI and machine learning algorithms, and they are:

Explicit User Profiles are generated when the user answers the questionnaire and gives ratings based on the survey. This requires so much effort from the end-user to create a genuine and high-quality profile.

Implicit User Profiles are generated based on user behavior on the website or on their interests and preferences. This demands minimal effort from the end-user, and these profiles may not be at the high-end, but it still works in the end.

Hybrid User Profiles are a mix of both explicit and implicit user profiles. These profiles require little effort from the end-user. Sometimes you still need human intervention to create a high-quality profile apart from the AI tools.

Future Scope of AI in Personalized Content

Future Scope of AI in Personalized ContentPhoto by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash


We have used this rapidly increasing platform in many new applications and websites, and we can only guess what it can do in the future.

The amount of data exchange has improved over the years. Obviously, the biggest advantage of AI is that we never have to program it. Of course, we do a little tinkering here and there to improve the system, but that is all we are doing, nothing more and nothing less. Basically, the machine is doing it all by itself.

In the future, the machine can improve its data and enhance the overall experience of the user. In fact, it can even identify the pattern which humans might have missed and can influence humans, too.

Influence might seem a bit daunting, but we still need to watch this space and how it is going to influence human decisions. After all, machine learning development services in the world can go beyond their specified goals to improve the overall system. 

So, what do you think of this personalization?

Do you think it is for a better experience or is it a bit of intrusion into our personal lives?

I would love to know your comments in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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