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Automate and simplify Social Listening. Extracting deep insights for brands on how customers interact with their products.

Brands promote their products on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram etc. Intuaition wanted to develop a product which will fetch data from different social media platforms, web search and various blogs/news sites, analyze these data via cognitive models and present the insights on a unified dashboard.

Infiniticube enables real-time analysis of diverse data on a unified platform.

We developed a unified, extensible and scalable data platform that automates the entire process of data fetching to analyzing and presenting insights on a decision enabled dashboard. Our solution helped Intuaition to launch their Social Listening Product Qaptum. This product enables brands to understand how customers are interacting with their products

The SaaS product consists of

  • Highly Scalable Microservices Architecture
  • Data Lake and Data Warehouse
  • Complex AI Models to extract insights from the collected data
  • A unified dashboard to present insights, that helps brands to understand customer sentiment, emotions, engaged topics and other valuable insights
  • Qaptum enables users to set up their own data fetching and analyzing flow (ETL Tool) through our developed simple drag and drop workflow
  • The product comes with different level of licenses and API solutions


“The team at Infiniticube met expectations. Their team is committed to delivering quality work for their clients. Customers can expect a skilled team of developers.”

Enrique Jaramillo

Chief Technology Office, Intuaition Technology LLC

With the launch of the product and gaining initial traction, Intuaition's valuation shoots up to 5 Million USD.

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