About Us


Infiniticube was created with a vision of a forward-thinking software development company.

What separates us from the mundane software brands is our use of the latest technology to actively empower our creations. Our approach towards service provision is twofold. Firstly we put to use tools such as data analytics, IoT, AI integration, etc. and develop the best software based services. And secondly we integrate technology that allows us to better understand our clients and keep their needs at the centre of our development process.
Our roots lie in offering unmatched software development services to our customers around the world. We have delivered in the past and continue to do so. With dedication and commitment to your success, we create your online presence, integrate your enterprise solutions, and help you market in this digital landscape..

  • Building your IT strategy
  • Logo design / Corporate branding
  • Email and Digital Marketing
  • Enterprise-grade app and softwares
  • Enterprise Solution
  • Hiring in-house developers

Our customers are thrilled to work with us

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