Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are helping businesses thrive. As the world is getting more and more mobile, there are better opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers or empower their staff with a mobile app. At Infiniticube, we develop mobile applications with seamless UI/UX that create an immersive experience for your users. Improve customer engagement, boost employee productivity, or drive revenue with a functional mobile app developed by our experts.

If you are an SME who is looking to develop your very own app then reach out to us for budget friendly and customized app development services. We put to use the latest coding and designing tools to ensure that your app reached the best of industry standards. We also develop mobile game apps with the help of Javascript, Flash, and other platforms.We can help you reach and expand in a specific market segment with our mobile app development services. Achieve:

  • Secure with permissions, access control
  • Complied with your industry regulations
  • Design with brand coherence
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Capable of selling your offerings
  • Based on the latest tech & tools
We design your apps keeping in mind two primary factors, your business persona and your target market. Our designing team is always studying the latest trends in app development and will put to use custom ideas while developing your app.
Overall, our services will:
  • Boost business growth and visibility with mobile apps.
  • Reach out to wider user segments and engage customers.
  • Market your services through feature-rich mobile apps.
We don’t leave anything half-done. Our specialists offer continuous 24/7 support so that even a tiny glitch can be resolved in time. Our experts know their stuff and are ready to assist post-deployment.
  • Cost-effective mobile app development services.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support provisions.
  • Access to the development team throughout the deployment.

Technology We use


Android App Development

Java- Most Android applications are built using Java. After all, it is still the most widely used language on the planet. The classic way of writing native Android apps is to use Java and the Android SDK.

Kotlin- Since Google endorsed Kotlin as an official language for building Android apps last year, it has been steadily replacing Java as the go-to language for Android app development.

IOS App Development

Objective-C- is a superset of the C programming language, and is utilized by a high number of mobile developers building apps for OS X and iOS.

Swift- Apple released Swift in 2014 to provide new developers with an alternative that is easier to learn and to understand. The code length is significantly reduced, which makes development with it much faster compared to its older counterpart.