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    Our Machine Learning Services

    Custom ML Development

    We provide full-stack machine learning services, including data work and model development. Our custom ML models seamlessly integrate with a variety of infrastructures, including mobile, cloud, and periphery.

    ML Consulting

    Leverage our knowledge to develop influential ML solutions. We evaluate your data, ascertain the most effective machine learning strategies, and provide guidance throughout the process, from scoping to developing user-facing prototypes.

    ML Integration

    By integrating neural networks and machine learning algorithms into your business systems, we augment operations and user experiences with state-of-the-art ML capabilities.

    Computer Vision

    For practical applications, we develop intelligent algorithms for object identification, facial recognition, and more utilizing cutting-edge computer vision technologies.

    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    As a component of our machine learning services, we provide NLP solutions of the highest caliber, encompassing speech recognition, translation, sentiment analysis, and chatbots.

    Data Mining

    By employing bespoke machine learning algorithms, we provide data mining solutions that extract patterns and insights from massive datasets, thereby facilitating industry-wide decision-making.

    Predictive Algorithms

    Using ML and deep learning, we construct predictive models that enable organizations to forecast outcomes in a variety of domains, including workforce planning and risk assessment.

    Intelligent Process Automation

    Our custom IPA solutions augment any process with an additional layer of analytics and prediction by integrating data, ML, and automation.

    Robotic Process Automation

    By integrating AI and ML with RPA technologies, we automate manual tasks and augment workflow automation with a layer of human-like perception and prediction.

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    Technology & Development Stacks

    We Are An Expert Software Development Company And Use The Best Technologies And Platforms To Deliver High-Quality Products.
    Mobile Technologies

    Android Swift Objective C React Native Kotlin Flutter Xamarin

    Front-end Technologies

    HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript TypeScript React Angular Vue

    Back-end Technologies

    Node .NET C# PHP Java Scala Python

    Other Technologies

    WordPress Magento Ruby on Rails GoLang Docker Kubernetes Jenkins

    Choose From Our Hiring Models

    With us, you can choose from multiple hiring models that best suit your needs.
    Dedicated Team

    It is an experienced, self-sufficient team made up of several positions (such as project manager, software engineer, QA engineer, and others) that can provide technological solutions quickly and effectively. Each unique project has specified duties, and a Scrum Master works in tandem with the client’s product owner to oversee the project.

    • Agile procedures
    • Pricing transparency
    • Monthly billing
    • Maximum adaptability
    • Ideal for software product companies MVPs, and startups
    Team Augmentation

    Team augmentation is appropriate for projects and businesses of all sizes. It bridges the talent gap in your team by bringing in the necessary talent. The members of your augmented team are integrated into your local or distributed team, participating in your daily meetings and answering directly to your supervisors. This enables companies to grow quickly and as needed.

    • Scale on-demand
    • Quick & cost-effective
    • Monthly billing
    • Avoid hiring hassles
    • Transparent pricing
    Project Based

    Fixed Price Model:

    We can assess the project and provide a firm quote once the deliverables, scope, acceptance criteria, and specifications are all well-defined. Small- to medium-sized projects with well-documented specs are best suited for this.

    Time & Material Model:

    Ideal for projects with complex business requirements or undefined, dynamic scope requirements that make cost estimation impossible. Thus, developers are employable on a time-based basis.

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